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Magic & Spell of Romanian Food Tour with Dacia

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Garlic, lovage, basil, wheat, meat, milk or eggs have magical powers in the Romanian popular belief for centuries that unites the biological, cosmic and astral world organically. Dracula or other supernatural creatures are kept away or invoked for support by using these classic food ingredients, some of these predict future fortune or failure if dreamt. Every Romanian food has a story of magic and spell that we will reveal together with the amazing taste in a flavored tour with vintage Romanian Dacia car from the 80’s:

  • A visit of the biggest Bucharest Market, Halele Obor with “Hala de carne” (Meat Market) ”Hala de peste” (Fish Market) and “Piata de legume“ (Vegetable Market).
  • In the biggest Bucharest peasant market, we will start from a presentation of the main ingredients of Romanian cuisine as being sold by peasants together with the way used for cooking. And of course, the Supernatural popular belief
  • You will meet the Romanian peasants you will mingle with locals on this market
  • A presentation of the main ingredients of Romanian food and basic element of Romanian cooking style
  • Tasting of the famous Romanian”mici” or ”mititei” from Obor Market.
  • A visit to a 2 in 1 bistro shop & tasting of Romanian cheese, dried meats, and “zacusca”. Shopping of traditional Romanian treats from the bistro
  • 4 hours tour in a fully restored classic Romanian Car 

    • Our tour guide is passionate about gastronomy, cooking and Romanian cuisine, and will go with you through stories about how Romanians cook and eat
    • Ride the the biggest famous market in Bucharest, Bucur Obor market. Visit of the 3 halls (meat, vegetable, fish), a presentation of the main ingredients of the Romanian Cuisine. Photos /chat with the peasants.
    • Stop at the famous place selling and taste the famous “mititei” from Obor.
    • Ride to the Bistro. Stop for a tasting of traditional Romanian amuse bouche. Shopping (optional).
    • A drive through the main boulevards of the city in a out of the beaten tracks tour
    • English speaking guide in the car
    • Red Patrol tour gift
    • Hotel pick-up & drop off included only for addresses from Bucharest, Romania.
    • Starts daily at 10.00 AM
    • Maximum 3 guests per car, if more than 3 persons we make of convoy of 2, 3  cars .
    • Personal shopping during the tour is not included.
    • During wintertime our cars are heated !
    • If you want to drive the Dacia, pick The Communist Tour of Bucharest with Dacia

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    For 1 person/car, 180 €

    For 2 persons/car, 122 €/person

    For 3 persons or more/tour, 99 €/person