The last day of Nicolae Ceausescu Tour with Dacia

Live a unique re-enactment tour that follows chronologically all the steps of the Ceaușescu’s escape from the 22nd of December 1989-the last day of communism in Romania-towards the place where he was captured and executed on a Christmas day!

On the 22nd of December 1989, 12:07 Nicolae Ceaușescu and his wife run with the helicopter from the roof of the Communist Party Headquarter Palace escaping the fury of 100.000 persons who surrounded the building asking for his resignation. Having in mind to regroup and fight back to keep his supreme power over Romania that he had for almost 24 years Nicolae Ceaușescu runs towards Pitești to find support from the working class and the army but he is captured in that day near Târgoviște. A classic car tour with a fully restored Dacia which explores both the geographical as well as the emotional roadmap covered by Nicolae Ceaușescu and his wife Elena on the 22nd of December 1989. Discover all the key moments from when they got in the helicopter to leave Bucharest until the last day of his 24 years of communist Presidency. We will explore the pivotal moments of Ceaușescu’s last day as a President and cover a route of 90 km towards Târgoviște- and back to Bucharest- the place where he was captured, detained and executed on the 25th  of December 1989. Feel the terror and the fear which overwhelmed Nicolae Ceaușescu after losing in just one day the supreme power he had over the country for 24 year and discover his lesser known attempts to get it back. A 6 hours private tour in a fully restored classic Romanian Car !
  • A 6 hours private tour with a classic car which crosses the city landmarks
  • We start at The Revolution Square
  • There are 2 options for visiting with our tour a Presidential Palace of Nicolae Ceaușescu – The Snagov Palace ( Mon-Thu) or Primăverii Palace (Tue – Sun) . You will choose one at the moment of your booking and we will make the itinerary accordingly.
  • Leave towards Târgoviște or Snagov Presidential Palace ( if you chose this Presidential Palace for a visit)
  • Visit at of Snagov Palace ( if you chose this at the moment of booking, from Mon-Thu, ticket included)
  • Leave to the place where the Dictator abandons the helicopter and continues his run with a Dacia
  • Stop at the Steel Factory from Târgoviște and the Miliția station where Ceaușescu tried to organize support but he gets arrested
  • Stop the building where Nicolae and Elena Ceaușescu were detained, judged and executed on the 25th December 1989
  • Return to Bucharest.
  • Stop at Palatul Primăverii, the personal residence of Nicolae Ceaușescu (visit if you chose this at the moment of the booking, ticket included).
  • Drop off at Palatul Primăverii if you visit Primăverii Palace or at your place if you chose to visit the Snagov Palace.
You will ride and stop with the car on the main stops of the circuit, you’ll get the best photo shots of your travel, and you will hear the most amazing life stories that portray the way a real Romanian lived in the 80s. You will discover in a 180 km itinerary towards Târgoviște the rural Romania, the fears of Nicolae Ceaușescu who lost everything on that day!
  • English speaking guide in the car
  • Red Patrol tour gift
  • Hotel pick-up & drop off included only for addresses from Bucharest, Romania.
  • Starts daily at 9.00 AM, Monday-Sunday
  • Maximum 3 guests per car, if more than 3 persons we make of convoy of 2, 3  cars.
  • Personal shopping during the tour is not included.
  • During wintertime our cars are heated !
  • If you want to drive the Dacia, pick The Communist Tour of Bucharest with Dacia
  • A ticket for a guided visit at one Presidential Palace you chose at the moment of your booking. The options are – Snagov Presidential Palace (Mon-Thu) or Primăverii Palace (Tue-Sun).

For 1 person/tour, 285 €

For 2 persons/tour, 190 €/person

For 3 persons/tour, 180 €/person

For 4 to 6 persons/tour, 170 €/person

For 7 to 9 persons/tour, 150 €/person

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