The True wonders of the Socialist Romanian car industry are waiting for you!
Meet the Red Patrol Stars


Greetings Comrades!

My name is Domnica and I am one of the last of my kind. I was born in June, 1989 with only 6 month before communism fell. I was born in Pitesti, but I grew up in Sector 2 of Bucharest.

We are around 1,953,730 sisters, but not all were as lucky as me. I have lived all my life in the capital. Everybody here admired my blue paint exterior and blue vinyl interior. Sometimes I am sad I didn’t feel Communism but they say it was bad.I do not like mud, dirt or being overcrowded. The times were blue and so was I.

I am a cheap gas girl and am used to change. I am also a very, very fast Dacia. I can reach up to 90 km/h. In 2019 I became a Certified Historic Vehicle like my sister, Malvina. Congratulate me! I joined The Red Patrol in 2018, at 29 years old when I had 42,000 km on the run.

I am in love with my hometown city , Bucharest.

And I hope I can make you love it too!

Until we meet enjoy some of my snapshots!


Greetings Comrades!

My name is Malvina and I am a glorious child of Romanian socialism. I was born in June 1984 in Pitesti and I have 1,953,730 sisters. I spent my childhood in Romania’s wineland – Vrancea.

Here we had over 7,600 kg of grapes per hectare which makes it a happy land…and its inhabitants sometimes tipsy :). This is where my love for long drives over grape-covered hills comes from. Even if I am not the strongest or largest of vehicles, I am a hard worker and a pride for the father Communist Party. I do not know how many tons of grapes and wine I helped carry in Vrancea, but for sure I didn’t get tipsy.

I was actually happy when I retired – because I am a Certified Historic Vehicle – and now I only carry people. Unlike grapes, people are interesting. Please pardon me if I am not as agile as 30 years ago or as comfortable as new cars. I promise I am hard working and reliable. I only ask you to have fun and be nice to me! I joined The Red Patrol in 2018, at 34 years old when I had driven 140,000 km in Vrancea County.

Now I love Bucharest!

Hope to take you around for a spin soon!

Check out my style!


Greetings Comrades!

My Name is Letitia and you should know that it is not a coincidence that I am as red as blood: I come from the land of Dracula. My hometown is Transylvania, the city of Sebes in Alba region, more exactly. I came into this world in November 1977. It was the year of the great earthquake and of the red Dacia cars.

I never met my sisters as not many of us stayed behind. Most went to bigger cities or abroad. Before becoming a RedPatrol star, my previous owner put me to carry very heavy things like my sisters did: from potato sacks to sheep, because Alba is full of sheep on the fields.

Nowadays, after my complete rejuvenation, it would be a blasphemy to put stuff like this on my lovely 70’s black leather seats! In Bucharest  I am surrounded by many people who love to touch me. I love to take pictures but hate to be touched. I am temperamental but always help when needed. I joined The Red Patrol in 2019, at 42 years old when I had around 400.000 km and became a Certified Historic Vehicle .

I am in love with my new hometown, Bucharest.

Hope You will like it too!

Here I am, posing just for you!

The Red Patrol Communist Tour of Duty will take you on a trip in time, where you will witness the rise and fall of communism. Past and present will mix and give you the experience of a lifetime!